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Steamin Demon Classic Portable Carpet Extractor

Steamin Demon Classic Carpet Extractor

 Steamin Demon Portable Carpet Extractors

Our patented* high flow portable carpet extractors are guaranteed to be the most powerful portable carpet cleaning machines in the world. Whether you're cleaning carpets in residential, schools, universities, health care, or an entire building, our professional carpet cleaning machines can do the job.  To understand how we can make this claim, click the link to compare our portable extractor with the $100,000 Vortex truck Mount. There is also a video of our carpet extractor vs. other carpet cleaning equipment.

To understand how our portable carpet extractors work, click the link to read more about the high flow extraction process. You will see a significant difference in the amount of dirt removed by our carpet machines over our competitors.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines Endorsed By Shaw Industries

The Steamin Demon is the only portable carpet extractor specifically endorsed in writing by Shaw Industries, the worlds largest carpet manufacturer. Shaw Industries has tested the Steamin Demon for over 10 years.

Steamin Demon Portable Carpet Extractor Field Test Results

There have been three separate field studies performed with the Steamin Demon portable carpet extractor vs. Conventional Commercial Carpet Extractors. All three studies showed an increased soil removal rate proportional to the increased water flow rate of the Steamin Demon. The Steamin Demon carpet extractor is more than a carpet cleaning machine, it is a carpet cleaning system.

  • Study 1 - North Harrison High School (Cafeteria)
  • Study 2 - Koontz Restaurant (downtown Louisville)
  • Study 3 - Michigan State University (Cafeteria)

North Carolina School Study Using Our Professional Carpet Machines

A 2 year study performed by Dr. Michael Berry at a North Carolina Elementary School has shown properly maintained carpets can improve indoor air quality. The study showed significant decreases in airborne endotoxins <56%, B-Glucan <48% and cockroach antigen <66%. The study also showed no significant changes in dust, dust mite antigen, cat antigen and culturable fungi. The carpet cleaning equipment used in the study include dual motor upright vacuum cleaners and the Steamin Demon Classic professional carpet cleaning machines. Read the study here.

*Patent numbers 5,907,879 and 6,125,499
Steamin Demon® is a registered trademark of Steamin Demon, Inc.