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Steamin Demon Earns the Carpet and Rug Institute’s
Gold Seal of Approval for Superior Deep Cleaning Systems

Clarksville, IN, May, 3, 2006, Steamin Demon Inc. has earned the Gold Seal of Approval for its cleaning system STEAMIN DEMON from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), signifying that it meets the highest standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness.

STEAMIN DEMON XL15 High Flow Extractor with Demon Clean Prespray using 85° F water.

The new CRI Seal of Approval for Deep Cleaning Systems evaluates the effectiveness of the overall deep cleaning process and includes testing of equipment and solutions used in combination. The program addresses those processes which incorporate a specific machine to be used with a specific cleaning agent following the manufacturer’s recommended procedure. This latest product category joins CRI’s successful Seal of Approval testing programs already in place for deep cleaning extractors, spot removers and pre-spray/in-tank solutions.

“We could not be more pleased that the carpet industry is distinguishing truly effective cleaning systems from those that do not perform well or even damage carpet fibers,” said Mike Downey. “Our focus is on satisfying our customers. And the Gold Seal of Approval is proof that our product delivers".  Read the entire press release.

I own and use a Steamin Demon and brag about it to anyone who is interested. I just did a 15,000-sq. ft. job at a Dallas Country club using the Demon and did it under the time allocated. I also did a 10,000-sq. ft. office area in August and it worked very well on white olefin carpet.

Bob Whitcamp, ISCT member, is a distributor in Florida and he thinks highly of the machine. It’s perfect for anyone who cleans carpet. Remember the guy at the Virginia convention who used the slogan, “Mama, I just sold the truck mount.” He was right. It seems to be a perfect machine for a new cleaner who isn’t brain washed on truck mounts or anyone cleaning above the first floor of a building. I have two truck mount cleaners and I can’t get either one of them to consider changing over so I use my Steamin Demon for commercial and high-rise condos which I do a lot of. Much better than any portable on the market.
Robert Peters, Owner
Genie Carpet, Upholstery & Oriental Rug Cleaning - Dallas, TX

Our company specializes in managing the cleaning and maintenance operations of timeshare resorts throughout the United States. We first became aware of the Steamin Demon high-flow carpet extractor in 2002. After trying it out at one of our resort locations, we became convinced that this machine provided us with the best combination of cleaning performance, ease of maintenance, cost of purchase and cost of operation of any carpet cleaning machine on the market (previously we used conventional portables and truckmounts). Starting nearly four years ago, we made the Steamin Demon the centerpiece of our carpet cleaning system at all the resorts we maintain. We have purchased 123 Stearnin Demons so far, with many more to follow as our market penetration increases. We have not been disappointed; in fact, we have been thrilled with how our Steamin Demons have performed. We have also been well pleased with the responsiveness of the Steamin Demon Company to our needs. When parts are needed they are shipped right away, and when questions arise the answer is but a phone call away. I recommend the Steamin Demon without hesitation.
Ken Hudgins
Carpet Director

The Steamin Demon filled and cleaned beyond our expectations. We have had numerous customers tell us that they have spent many $’s on carpet cleaning from van mount units. They say they never clean as well as our Steamin Demon cleans their carpets. We are cleaning 30-50 apartment units a month, plus insurance restoration, water and fire jobs. With daily clean up and of equipment we are totally satisfied and have had very little maintenance of this unit.
Chuck Farrer
Farrer Construction - Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 893-6120

My name is Mike Conroy, my small company has concentrated on the vacation rental condominium market on the Gulf Coast of NW Florida and South Alabama. My business was started with a portable machine, a Cross American Recoil II. Over the course of “daydreaming” of a new a better machine, a Steamin Demon was suggested. To be honest I had no idea how this machine would help me, but started researching the machine. I read posts on the ICS bulletin board and called several Demon owners.

After quite a lot of deliberation I ordered my Demon. When the machine came in and I finally saw a Steamin Demon for the first time, I was concerned that I had made a BIG mistake. “How could this thing be capable of doing what was claimed?” I have a truckmount, a great portable, and a lot of other equipment and now well over $3000 spent on a machine that I had not even tried?

The next evening I had a large commercial job to do with glue down carpet, I took the Steamin Demon with me knowing I had my TM as a backup. Well that was the last time I looked back and I’ve been truly delighted with this product.

I would not get rid of this machine for anything. If I was starting over I would start with the Steamin Demon as my primary machine, and a small and less expensive vehicle. I’m seriously thinking of buying a small van and putting 2 Steamin Demons and several of my sons in it to help me clean condos in the busy season. I have even used the Steamin Demon rather than my 23 HP TM with a #4 blower and propane heat.

You can count on me as a very satisfied customer, and I would be pleased to share some of my ideas. It’s not just a commercial carpet machine by truly an all around performer and moneymaker.
Michael Conroy
First Place Carpet Care - Lillian, AL

I bought my first Steamin Demon four years ago and now have a total of three. We do a lot of Apartment turns and flood work, and they are still going strong. They do a great job and are easy to use.
Foster Garza
Minnesota White Glove Cleaning - Lakeville, MN