About Steamin Demon Carpet Extractors

About Steamin Demon Portable Extractors

Steamin Demon Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of commercial/residential carpet machines and carpet cleaning equipment.

The Steamin Demon Company was established in 1995 by Mr. Mike Downey in a small town on the Ohio River called Clarksville, Indiana. Mike had recently designed an ingenious lightweight portable extractor he called the Steamin Demon, which utilized the patented high-flow cleaning technology that he had just developed. The Steamin Demon's namesake was a world champion harness racer from the 1950's.

The Downey family has been providing leadership and innovation in the carpet cleaning industry for five generations and the predecessor of the Steamin Demon was called the Steri-Steam, produced by Mike's father in the 1970's. Mike's father, the late John M. Downey III, was a prominent entrepreneur and businessman in Columbus, Ohio and the owner of John M. Downey Carpet Cleaning which was originally established by his father in 1897, and still thrives in Columbus today.

It was there while working in the family business in the mid 1990's that Mike began working on ways to improve the performance of their company's steam machine, the Steri-Steam. He first redesigned and improved the vacuum system and then he added a unique on board pre-spray system. Later he began experimenting with increased water-flow rates and found that a higher flow rate substantially increased the amount of soil removal and significantly improved the over all performance of the machine. He then applied for and received an exclusive patent for his high-flow concept and it was soon after, the Steamin Demon Company was born. The high flow carpet extractors rival and exceed the performance of larger and more expensive truck mount carpet machines.

Since the company's inception, Mike continued to refine and expand his original product design which now includes a line of three hard working portables. The SD-15 and SD-20 are both recent innovations designed primarily for the commercial carpet cleaning industry and the SD-Classic, Mike's sleek looking original design which is ideal for both residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

Mike hails from a long line of innovators and leaders in the Carpet Cleaning Industry and now his Steamin Demon line of high-flow extractors have set a new standard for quality and performance in the manufacturing industry as well. And you can be sure that Mike and the whole Downey family will continue to provide quality service and innovation for generations to come.